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Originally Posted by catters078 View Post
Sorry but we did molly coddle Glennie.

We wrapped him up in cotton wool and waited 3 seasons for him.

I dont think it would have hurt his development to have a 6-8 game stint in the NHL in the last two seasons especially during our heavily injured times. We invested so much into him he should have played in the NHl by now ( im not counting that rubber game last season)

Who knows if we gave him games in the bigs he may have got more confidence/bettered his game/ improved his development
What would giving Glennie a few games done besides make him lose even more confidence? He was injured every time we needed a callup too.

I really disagree that it would be rushing Faksa by giving him a 9 game stint early in the season if he has a good camp.

If he struggles he goes straight back to juniors, but he goes back knowing a) whats it takes to be a pro and b) that he has what it takes..i really dont see the negative in that.[/QUOTE]

First of all, 9 game stint or no, Faska is going back to the juniors next year. Barring a Benn style breakout which is unlikely at 19 years old, there's no way he plays more than 9 games. As for whether he should get 9 games, well you're disagreeing with Piqued but he's saying the same thing.

if he has a good camp.
If his play in training camp demands a 9 game flyer, then so be it.
If he earns it in training camp, he'll get it. If he doesn't, then he gets sent back. It's not rushing to give him 9 games if he has a good camp. It is rushing to give him 9 games if he didn't earn it, and yes, that can mess with a prospect's development. I forget who but someone last season wrote a great article about how kids returning from the 9 game tryout get ostracized by their junior teammates and lose some of being part of their team.

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