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07-11-2012, 11:17 PM
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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post
I like it. That's a lot of size and speed on the wings for the Habs as well.

That 2nd line lacks a playmaker, and I thought the playmaking ability of DD was a huge part why that line was so successful.

But it's also a really fast line with 2 big fast wingers and 3 guys who are all capable of 25+ goals.

I relaly like the idea of Plekanec-Eller together, with another component on the LW to form a great shutdown line, and depending on who that LW is, could be a pretty offensive unit too.


Pretty minor changes from yours. Still lots of size on the wings, I really like that to pline. I'd like to see Pacioretty further develop his 2 way game and he always impressed me in his limited 3rd and 4th line minutes in his first couples years so I really feel like he'd be able to handle it.

And then imagine a


top 6

So much speed and forechecking combined with fantastic puck moving abilities, literally every d-man in that top 6 is solid at moving the puck up the ice, ranging from solid (Gorges) to Elite (Markov (provided he's healthy that is)).

Hell maybe I'm just a biased fan...but I see a lot of potential and a lot to look forward to next year.
I think on a site like HFBoards where cap space and potential are valued more than accomplishments and veteran players, the Habs can get a bit underrated. They're certainly not overrated. What I think makes them a unique team from the rest of the league is the question marks. We've seen with this group the last 2-3 years that it's very easy for them to be a fantastic team, or an awful team. Hell, even last year we saw glimpses of a good team.

So much of the Habs hinges on the health of key players, and a strong powerplay. Unfortunately, both of those things are tied to Markov, and a big shot for him to feed.

All of the problems that we had back in the days we relied on Markov anchoring the team (smaller sized weak wingers, soft bottom six) are no longer problems. The forward group is big, fast, and agressive. So, by logic, now that the problems we have in '09 and '10 are gone, as long as Markov is back to himself, the Habs should be too.

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