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Originally Posted by Panteras View Post
did I mention he's the #1 goalie prospect in the world? I understand your point about goalie development, yet , again, he's the #1 goalie prospect in the world, he's already competed with men in arguably top 3 league in the world and he has had a taste of the NHL where I thought he handled himself pretty well and he's also been in the AHL...I don't see how he isn't guaranteed back up

yeah I've heard this argument before, it was a point of debate in the "Markstrom to AHL another year" thread, and I don't see the point of this excuse....both Clemmer and Theodore were injured last season, also, how does being in different leagues "prevent" injuries? It's not like he would not get injured in the AHL as opposed to the NHL or vice versa

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Markstrom isn't ready for the NHL based on his play last season. Goalies take some time. A backup role wont help his development as much as a full time role in the A will. We need to be patient with him and develop him properly. He'll have a long career at the NHL level. He isn't going to the SEL. What's the point of putting in time in the A? He likes it in San Antonio based on his tweets.

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