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07-12-2012, 07:17 AM
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Originally Posted by StumbleBum7 View Post
Trying to sell me on a ticket package. Im sure I will get bashed by some here and told to find another sport or something because some people hate being told what they enjoy isn't what everyone else enjoys but...

I told them that this season I will not be purchasing tickets to any NHL game due to the NHL's inability to be consistent with both officiating/enforcing the rules on the ice as well as the NHL's lack of consistent discipline of the players.

I told them that I'm tired of the NHL unoffically changing the rules mid season. Such as how this past season out of no where and especially in the playoffs players weren't able to cross the blue line withing being nearly bear hugged. Combine that with the new strategy of everyone laying infront the the goalie and trying to block shots I simply refuse to pay to see the product that is on the ice. If anything I will sit at home, save both $ on tickets, gas, ridiculous parking prices and most of all my time.

Anyone else not paying to see the current product the NHL is putting out? I love hockey as much as the next guy, but eventually if you don't speak with your $ nothing would ever be noticed.
I'm glad to see someone actually willing to back up his views by not paying. A lot of time people complain but keep going to the games.

Regarding the quality of the product, I live in Alabama and since the NHL doesn't sign with ESPN (which makes me angry), I don't see any regular season games, so I can't judge the product.

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