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07-12-2012, 08:05 AM
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Kessel's statistical potential

I was just sitting here looking up some stats, was pretty bored, and I realized how lucky we may really be to have a player like Phil Kessel. He had 37 goals and 82 points last year...37 AND 82! The highest a Leaf has put up since Sundin's 83 points in '99 and 37 goals in '03.

So that made me start thinking, and thinking about it, Kessel was a real treat to watch this year. He was flying all over the place and has such a fantastic shot, also showed some playmaking abilities as well. By how much he is crapped on by all the other 29 fan bases you would think he is a 2nd liner, overrated by all of Leafs Nation, a floater, etc. I truly believe he is, in fact, severely underrated by all the other 29 fan bases, and that only Leaf fans and management know what we truly have here.

I took a look at his career stats, and I think we can all agree Kessel is going to be a 35-40 goal, 85+ point scorer for many years to come, so I decided to add up the stats and I think when all is said and done, he will be among the all the time greats. He is 24 turning 25 in October, will likely play until he is 40, so 15 more years...Here's what I got:

30 goals average x 15 years = 450. Add that to his 165 goals already and you have approximately 615. That would place him 16th all time in goal scoring (lower rank 15 years from now seeing that Ovechkin, Crosby and others will be up there as well). I choose to use 30 as the average because he will probably score 35-40 on average and MAYBE even have a 50 goal season, but will decline to probably some 20 goal seasons in his later years.

75 points average x 15 years = 1125. Add that to his 327 points already and you have approximately 1452. That would place him 15th all time in points scoring (again, lower 15 years from now due to many other players getting up there). Reasoning for 75 points average is same as above...He will probably put up many 80-90 and maybe even 100 point seasons, but decline later on.

He may or may not get those numbers, or he could achieve even greater numbers. But Kessel is a great player and I wish other fan bases can open their eyes and see what he really is. Can't wait to see how much better he can play with a legit #1 centre.

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