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NEWS LINKS ONLY - Lockout News & Updates

Here is a timeline of the latest news out of the new CBA negotiations. Please feel free to post news, commentary or information from the media, rumors (please clearly indicate as such), or any other piece related to the new CBA. Mods and myself will attempt to update OP frequently with latest timeline.
A graphical look (going back ~20 years) at the "winners & losers" under the 2005 CBA (part 1 of 3 -- see site for other two parts)

Latest news:

1/9: CBA ratified by NHL Board of Governors (30-0)

1/6: NHL, NHLPA reach agreement on framework of deal

1/1: NHL counters back (we have actual negotiations!)

12/31: NHLPA makes counter offer

12/28-9: conference call between sides Saturday (clarify offer); in person meeting in NYC Sunday

12/27: NHL makes offer to NHLPA (confirmed 12/28); sets deadline of 1/11 (for 1/19 season start)

12/20: NHL games cancelled through 1/14/13

12/16-12/20: NHLPA votes electronically to approve/disapprove union filing "disclaimer of interest." (Update: authorization to file DOI given)

12/14: NHL files class action lawsuit against union and files unfair negotiations with NLRB

12/12-13: NHL, NHLPA meet with FCMS (again).

12/10: Games through 12/30 cancelled.

12/4: 6 owners and 18 players (plus Daly, S Fehr) meet

11/26: (US) FMCS (Federal mediation & conciliation service) assigns 3 to help mediate between NHL and NHLPA.

11/23: Games through 12/14 and ASG cancelled

11/2: Winter Classic 2013 cancelled

10/26: NHL cancels games through 11/30.

10/19: NHL cancels games through 11/1.

10/18: NHLPA responds to NHL proposal with three options (only addressing economic issues) and NHL walks out after 10 minutes.

10/16: NHL makes proposal, including 50-50 split of HRR, 6 year length, with "pay back" of salary over life of contract, etc.

10/4: First two weeks of season (through 10/24) cancelled.

9/28 - negotiating session (was supposed to be one day, now scheduled for three days)

9/27: rest of preseason cancelled

9/19: NHL cancels exhibition games through 9/30

9/15: AP provides timeline from first negotiating session (6/29) to lockout (9/15)

NHLPA presents counteroffer on 8/14.

NHLPA proposal includes: 3 year deal; player option for 4th reverting back to current CBA.

-Artificial slowing of salary growth. Ward: year 1 will increase by 2%,year 2 by 4% and in year 3 by 6%.If Revenue growth exceeds 10%,anything over 10% is subject to 57% that exists under present system.
-Grange: -players get $1.89B for 3 yrs; owners keep bulk of rev growth from that period. Revenue sharing up; hard cap stays.

Some info via Brooks:

-Clubs could go up to $4M over cap and drop to $4M under floor by adding or trading cap space re PA proposal....
-NHLPA has also proposed extra draft picks for teams in financial trouble that could be used, traded or sold, Post has learned...
-PA also has proposed that NHL establish a limit on non-player spending by teams.
-NHLPA intends to submit own proposals re systemic issues (e.g, free agency, entry level, salary arb)...
-PA will propose eliminating team walkaways on salary arbitration, Post has learned...
Meetings in NYC 8/7-8/10.

8/9/12: Bettman: Owners will lock out players on September 15 with no new agreement.

Supplementary Discipline

Sides meet 7/31, 8/1 in NYC.
NHL expressing frustration over "relevance" of NHLPA info requests.

Steve Zipay ‏@stevezipay
NHL puts revenue-sharing proposal on table. Fehr encouraged, not necessarily by details. Fehr leaving for Europe to brief players.
Bettman says revenue-sharing proposal is similar but 'more inclusive.'
At CBA talks in Manhattan; told not to expect proposal from union today; still waiting for $$$ figures from some teams
D Shoalts on revenue sharing:

Talks resume 7/24-7/26 in Toronto.

Meetings set for 7/18, 7/19, 7/20 in New York

Larry Brooks ‏@NYP_Brooksie
This information contained in PA memo from Don Fehr to members, obtained by Post.
1. NHL proposal as applied to 2011-12 would have resulted in 24-percent reduction in player compensation;
2. Under NHL proposal, 2011-12 cap would have been 50.8M with floor of $38.8M
3. Under NHL proposal, player compensation would be at lowest since 2002-03.

Weber signs front loaded $110M/14 yr deal which is briefly discussed. No counter-proposal expected before next week in Toronto.

7/13: Meeting set for Fri 7/13.!%20hockey
Leaked NHL proposal included five points
1. reduce players hockey related revenues to 46% from 57 %.
2. 10 seasons in NHL before being UFA.
3. contracts limited to 5 years
4. no more salary arbitration.
5. entry-level contract 5 years instead of 3.
Fehr states he won't have any salary rollbacks on his watch

7/10: Sides meet in Toronto. Fehr stresses "working conditions" as topic of discussion.

7/5: Second meeting in New York.

6/29: Sides meet for first time. "Cordial."

6/27: NHL and NHLPA agree on temporary cap of $70.2M. Formal talks to begin on Fri 6/29.

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