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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
SouthernHab, after our exchange a few months back via PMs, I do respect and understand where you come from. I also appreciate that, following that exchange, we have more respectful exchanges on this forum.

I don't agree with you on a few points, though:

1) I don't believe Gauthier is above reproach. (indeed, I have been critical of him as well, and have been critical of him in this very thread!)

2) I do not believe people on this forum are clueless. (otherwise, why would I frequent the place?)

Rather, my point is twofold in this thread:

a) I find some people here, you included some of the time, to be too black-and-white. Just because I say Gauthier isn't useless, for example, you assume I am defending him. This is not so. In fact, as mentioned, I prefaced my points by stating I felt he was a bad GM. I don't think good discussion, or substantial discussion, is rooted in an idea that X person is bad, and is to blame for everything with the franchise.

It is evident (to me) that Gauthier has merit. That he has some good attributes. That he must interview well, connect to people well, or just understand the game well from some perspective. There is a reason why he is continually hired, and I don't believe we can just chalk it up to the same old recycling stuff in the NHL. I'd much sooner the discussion here analyse what Gauthier might bring, and question why he'd be hired, rather than have 200-300 posts repeating the same old 'the Hawks don't know what they got themselves into!' stuff ad nauseum.

b) My original point in this thread is segued nicely from the above, which is to say that: when Gauthier was GM, people (fans/media) assumed and believed that Gauthier had few friends and connections in the league. A major plus for Bergevin was that he was well connected. Now that Gauthier's been hired, we chalk it up simply to him being part of an old boys network. These two arguments are incongruous. They're both superficial arguments used to maintain the simplistic notion that Gauthier is bad, and represents ineptitude.


In a later post, you explain that this old boys network is reality. I don't deny that. What I have trouble with is the incongruous argument that, on the one hand, he had no friends to make trades with or have any sense of reality of what the NHL was about; and, on the other hand, had friends to hire him as soon as he was on the outs in Montreal.


hockeyfan2k11: actually, I'm not always defending Gauthier. I think he was a bad GM. Why do you have such trouble reading?


expect when you say that, you get accused of being his relative lol

Some ppl are just mad that NHL exc see that Gauthier can bring something good to the table. And they can't stand it lol

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