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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
Because we've lost Suter and have not signed Weber. And like I said more and more signs are pointing to Poile not being able to close the deal. I'd love for him to change that and prove me wrong.

I always hate the arguement "what should he have done", we don't make millions a year to run a hockey team, Poile does, he better have answers that we don't.

What I want him to do is stop being the runner up and land a damn good player that makes our team better.

I'd love for him to address our offensive needs and to make our team more exciting.

I'd love for him to get Weber locked up long term.

These are the things that he needs to do if he's the GM we make him out to be. A good salesman doesn't take no for answer, time for Poile to sale the franchise to some free agents.

It's not like other teams haven't been filling needs.
That's a great list.
Now HOW does poile make these things happen? Overpay for everyone he thinks might be good for the team? Trade two of our better roster players and some of our better prospects for one "top 6" forward or defenseman? What's the limit? How far should he go before the critics start with the "OH poile got ***** in that deal. How could he overpay like that!"

You say: "I always hate the arguement "what should he have done", we don't make millions a year to run a hockey team, Poile does, he better have answers that we don't."
Well I hate the reply "he NEEDS to do X" He doesn't operate in a vacuum. There are other teams and egos to deal with. I know you know that.
You say "he better have answers that we don't." Well, he has information that we don't; and he has conversations and other dealings that we don't know about. And, like it or not/accept it or not, this is the first year he will be able to (I assume he was given the OK) spend to the cap. Some of you people make it sound like all he has to do to get a player is say "I want that guy" and he gets that guy, but he just isn't doing it.

Now I see people scoffing about him having conversations with Weber. OK, should he not even have conversations and just straight out trade him? "Shea I don't care if you do want to come back or not, so I'm trading you for the best deal I can get."

I understand the frustration. I do. I'm NOT happy about our playoff record and I'd love to see the things that you want to happen happen. Maybe a new GM would do better. I just shake my head when I see the constant (and at times downright silly) complaints about a guy who puts together a mid/low budget team which happens to get into, and now advance, in the playoffs 7 of the last 8 years.

And, we lost suter because suter didn't want to be here. I honestly believe that even if poile offered him what he is reportedly offering weber, suter would have turned it down.

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