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07-12-2012, 09:46 AM
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The difference is all about role and wage. At 11 times more expensive last season than Wolski's new contract, Semin was never going to sit, was never going to face banishment, because he was accounting for too much of the payroll. You needed him to win. So when that guy coasts or tunes out, you curse under your breath but keep playing him and hope he turns it around soon. Everyone sees that, and it becomes toxic. That is how he is a problem in the room.

When $600,000 coasts, you sit him. He's your #13. Could that happen? Sure. The incentive is no assurance that Wolski busts his tail. Yet if you're sitting $600,000 as your extra forward, that's about as cost effective a benchwarmer as you are going to get in this league. You also show that you have no compunction about punishing lack of effort. Players see that and take a positive lesson from it. Work is rewarded and there are consequences to slacking.

It's great if he's fringe and there is more coming. You still need a winger. Properly speaking, this should be depth.

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