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07-12-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
How is 36 points for Anisimov this past year not better than 35 points for Boyle the season before?

That's right only goals count. Anisimov is not a goal scorer, but on AVERAGE in the last 3 years he has posted better goal totals than Boyle.

Here's the difference as it relates ot centers, much in the same way as a PG in the NBA, you NEED to be able to get your teammates involved in scoring and that's where AA is the far superior player.

Boyle doesn't play with more talente dplayers such as Dubi and Cally because he doesn't have the chops to keep up. He would be a massive drag on both players.

To your last comment in bold.

AA produces therefore he gets paid more and is played with better players.

Seems like a simple enough of a concept for you to come up with, it would be nice if you followed your own logic.

AA was moved to wing over Boyle because he is clearly better suited for the role, ie more offensivly capable ot handling the situation.

If we do Nada for the rest of the year, you think having Boyle center Dubi and Hagelin is a better option than AA? If you answer yes, then it's clear that you don't see a problem with this teams offensive woes. Because Boyle in that role will continue on his 10 goals (maybe) and 10+ assists maybe.

the Rangers scoring problem last year was as much to do (if not more) with getting nothing in terms of production from the 3rd and 4th lines.

Boyle doesn't fix that, when you YOU GOING TO GET THAT.

A 3rd line of Dubi - AA - Hagelin is both dangerous offensively AND solid defensively because even if I condcede that AA is not a good defender (which I am not doing) he's still flanked by solid contributors at both ends of the ice.

The drop off is MARGINAL at best.

We STILL need a top 6 LW but the rest of top 6 would be set with Richards, Gaborik, Stepan, Callahan and Kreider.

We vastly improve the 3rd line AND THE 4TH LINE.

Personally, I would prefer to keep our assets, sign Semin and go to war as is.
You stated Anisimov posted better numbers than Boyle's career high. That is not correct, Anisimov has posted higher Assists and point totals, but he has NOT posted more goals. So for all the offensive talent he has it is not translating to goals. You need to clarify your statements because stating he posted better numbers comes off as meaning in each category (goals, assist, points) which is not true.

Now Anisimov is not a goal scorer? For such a playmaker his career high of 26 assists and then just 20 this past season playing with Stepan and gaborik for most of the season makes little sense. Richards and Stepan are playmakers... Anisimov is not.

For the statement I bolded, yes I completely agree and you are the one who wants to put him on a 3rd line with Dubinsky (who scored a huge 10 goals last season) and Hagelin (who had 14) yet you think his production will increase? He played with Stepan (17) and Gaborik (41) goals so by playing him in a more defensive minded role and with wingers who don't score as much his numbers will improve? Surely you have to kidding me?!?!?

You nailed one thing though, Anisimov was shifted to wing because he is better suited for that role, he has more offensive talent which would be wasted playing with 3rd line caliber linemates in a primarily defensive minded role where he would have less freedom because he would have more defensive responsibilities.

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