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07-12-2012, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
At this junction, I'd have a hard time seeing Boyes replace Parenteau's 65 points.

Three things:
A) Parenteau played two season more or less with JT and Moulson and developed chemistry, the type of chemistry skill players develop with each other. The rate of success did not come overnight, but definitely incrementally.
B) PA was trying to prove he belongs in this league while JT was doing all he could to become the star many hope he'll be. Whether the benefits of this dynamic can be attained here with a JT-Boyes partnership is questionable.
C) I don't care how experienced a guy is or if he's usually been a 55 point player along the way, you don't often see a guy go from 42 to 23 to 65 points.

I do think Boyes will see a bit of a rebound. He should slide back in with numbers like 17-26-43 while getting some 1st and 2nd line minutes plus PP time.

For me, the biggest question marks on the team are Bailey and Grabner.

Of Bailey's ability I have no doubt. Can he now become a consistent scorer while getting time on the wing? Will this team EVER try him with Tavares (seriously, we've never seen that)? I see no reason why he can't be a 50 point guy as a top 6 forward on this team. That time has come.

As for Grabner, I've been one of his heaviest detractors at this site. Granted, I like to root for him, but he was shown his limits last year and is simply, simply too weak of an allround player to play at this level if he's not scoring. Too weak physically, too weak on the puck, too weak in creating space, too weak at finding a way through traffic, etc. He's decent enough on the PK, namely because he can pop through now and again and reads the blueline passers pretty well, but he's not a player for the slot, corners or perimeter. He's solely counterattacker and if you get 35 breakaways per season, scoring on 4 or 5 of them and doing almost nothing else doesn't fly. Which is why I'm curious what mental fortitude he consists of? Despite a lousy season, he still put up 20 goals. What could happen if he refinds that mojo, or should I say, finds new ways to get through the opponent's defense?

I give him one more season. If he simply repeats last year, it may be worth cutting the line if a decent trade option is there, because we've got other kids coming up the next two seasons who should be better allround players.
I doubt Boyes scores 65 points but thats not the poll. I doubt even more that PA will put up 65 points again. PA is new to his team too and has 0 experience with his linemates. The difference is Boyes has JT now and he will have to be terrible to not score 20 goals with JT.

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