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Originally Posted by Dowisetrepla View Post
The gang at KJR 950 also seem a bit Po'd at the Times editorializing. May try to find a link and add it later on. They are rather meh on hockey, but KJR carried the Sonics back in the day, and mainly want the arena to bring the NBA back to town.
I think most everyone who is pro-arena is p'd to no end about especially that editorial they ran on Sunday officially opposing the thing. The Times I think is taking their position for three reasons:

1-That it's in SODO as opposed to, let's say, Bellevue (My guess is is if Hansen wanted to do this in the suburbs or at Key Arena, their reaction would be this: ).

2-That it's an all-or-nothing deal down there because Hansen has bought all the land already (perhaps in their eyes, they could have wielded some influence on the process otherwise).

3-That there was a lot of work on this done behind the scenes - read, no transparency. (See #2).

The Times ed board has this belief that they wield some influence over regional policy and government, and it's been this way for years, and that they couldn't do that in this case, on behalf of the PoS, is probably what's p'd them off the most about all this.

If you heard Brock Huard yesterday during Brock and Salk, he brought up a real good point about why he thinks the Port is opposed (those of you who are interested and didn't listen yesterday, it's Hour 1 podcast from yesterday at Brock and Salk's page on Has to do with the surrounding development that a new arena could spawn, the hotels, condos, restaurants, etc. Hour 2 from yesterday also includes an interview with Bob Ferguson from the County Council, who co-hosted that public forum earlier this week with the guy from the Seattle council.

And BTW, even though the hosts there may be "meh" on hockey, aside from Furness, KJR has over the past two or three years aired select Vancouver Canuck games, I would say perhaps 6-8 regular season contests per year and all the playoffs. Since they have a bit of an association with CSNNW, that might have something to do with that, I don't know.

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