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07-12-2012, 10:39 AM
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Had a 4 goal 1 assist game in a Bantam third period semifinal to come back from a 4 goal defecit and win 5-4. People I didn't know were actually coming up to me after the game telling me how awesome it was.

My best play, though, came in midget. Blocked a shot from the point on a penalty-kill, and it ricochet'd off my shin-pad into the neutral zone past the point man. Blew past him for the breakaway. Deke once, deke twice, but the goalie waited me out and deflected my shot into the corner. But I'm not giving up that easy. I peel off around the net into the corner where the trailing defenseman was scooping up the loose puck.

I'm not the biggest guy out there, kind of tall and slim back then so laying guys out was never my thing. Plus, the defenseman was built solidly. Squat dude, thick, low center of gravity. Ray Bourque-ish.

Not sure where it came from but as I was peeling back into the play I built up a pretty good head of steam and laid this guy out as he was ******* around in the corner. Like, flat on his ass. The crowd was sparse but I can still remember the OHHs coming from the stands.

I pick up the puck, charge back hard towards the net and stuff that **** in harder than I've stuffed anything ever.

It felt good.

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