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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
So wait... Timmins isn't a top-10 head scout because he passed on Giroux. Yet, he was drafted 22nd overall, meaning 21 teams passed over him. Does that mean that all 21 scouts that passed him are not in the top-10 head scouts? Then, you can't say the following scouts would all have drafted Giroux, we will never know. So they can't top-10 head scouts either!

Mhh... That's confusing. So I guess the best head scout is whoever made the pick back in 2006 in Philadelphia, followed by 9 empty spots, followed by the rest.

As for hidden stars... What about Halak? Streit? Subban if given more time? What if Latendresse can stay injury free next season and keeps up the pace he had in Minny?

Edit: Subban is not a hidden stars? You do realize that there aren't 10 1st pairing dmen picked in the 2nd round every year right? Pacioretty is looking like a first liner picked in the late 1st round of a meh draft. Not so bad. If you look at the next 20 picks, only 1 has become a good NHLer: David Perron. Not so bad! I would say that if out of 20 players, you picked one of the two that has potential to be a game changer, you've picked a hidden stars.
My bad on the Giroux draft position. You guys are dependable. Should have checked.

And you have good arguments. I knew I'd get killed but decided to be difficult tonight. True, many more than 12 scouts missed him, but I stand by what I've been saying: If TT is better than most of the others, he should not have missed him.

Anyway, it's late here and if I offended anyone I apologize. Later guys.

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