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07-12-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
What we can't be saying are things like: "he needs lots of top 9 time to show what he can do!" That's crap. Winning rosters consist of players that FORCED their way into the lineup because of their ability to contribute regardless of other circumstances. If that's what Palushaj wants, he'll need to show in camp that he is a much more useful player than a guy like Bourque, Armstrong, Gomez or Prust.
Don't agree at all. Just look at the number of young players whose development has stalled here, only to flourish somewhere else. Why? Because other teams put their players in a position to succeed, and we don't. We play a young guy to death on the third and fourth lines, put him with grinders and enforcers, and then complain that he didn't "earn" his ice time. Well no wonder, we probably destroyed his confidence and failed to even attempt to let him develop any chemistry with other skill players.

I'm not saying Palushaj (or any prospect) should be given a free pass to the powerplay and the best ice-time for 82 games, but a few game's worth of a trial can't possibly hurt. If you try it and it doesn't work out, then you move him down to the bottom lines and let him try to work his way back up. But at least then you can't say he didn't get his chance.

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