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07-12-2012, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by ULF_55 View Post
I think we suspect Burke was interested in Colin Wilson when he was talking to the Flyers and Preds before Schenn was dealt.

Once a player is on the block, it is difficult to take him off the block.

Preds are around 6 billion away from the cap floor. Okay, 14 with Weber to sign, so say 6 million from the floor.

With Suter gone, could Komisarek be enticed to waive to join up with Weber? No that's not the deal, just part of the dea.

They are not using C.Wilson as a center, so it wouldn't have to be a center going back.


MacArthur would add some offense, Komisarek and Trotz system might be a fit.

Franson and a conditional 2nd. in 2014

Did they really value Franson, or was he expendable because they wanted him gone anyway?
The bargaining chip to bring Wilson to Toronto was Schenn. BUrke ended up getting JVR instead.

Despite how down people were on Schenn he still had a lot more value then a package of CMac & Komi because of the upside Schenn has, his age, very low injury concerns and how nice his contract was relative to the upside/downside in terms of cap hit and years.

If your looking at getting someone like C. Wilson look for Gunnarson to be included. Or if your going to throw in Komisarek as the Dman going to Nashville be prepared for Kadri to also be going the other way.

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