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07-12-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Bender View Post
I see. So PAP is special enough to work with Tavares but NOT special enough to work with Duchene?

Let's wait and see how it works out first before we start talking about stuff like this. Just like everyone thought Lando would end up playing with Duchene, he settled in with ROR so it's not even certain that PAP ends up playing with Duchene.

Yeah, Tavares missed the cutoff by a few days and I didn't even want to get into deciphering all of that or even worse, get into a debate about all that stuff but you're right, essentially Tavares played his first regular season NHL game as a 19 year old.

So I basically looked if the player was drafted at 18 (not 19, 20 or later) and if so, if he played in the NHL that year. Otherwise, it would have been too time consuming.

At the very least, it puts things in perspective not taking into consideration the incoherent ramblings of kizla or that closet wings fan, 'the_fan'.
I get what you're doing. It would have been way too much work. What you have done already has me blown away haha. I just always get into debates with people about players age/draft year and how much of an advantage the extra birth year has as a rookie. As you get older everybody adjusts and it levels out, but as a rookie in the nhl that whole extra year the late birthdays have on the younger kids is huge.

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