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Originally Posted by number72 View Post
Some people argue many hits are a good thing because it intimidates the opposition.
Other argue too many hits are a bad thing because it leaves the defender out of position and can lead to scoring chances.

The thing that is important with hits is the defenders hockey IQ to know when it is smart to take the body and when it is smart to defend against scoring chance.
Schenn still has time to learn this but Komisarek I think at this point is too old and slow a dog to teach this trick.
That's the direction I see Burke and co starting to take. Rielly and Finn our two most recent picks are both described as high IQ guys who are by no means small, both already around 200 pounds. We don't have a physically imposing player like Chara but many of the top defensemen in the league aren't know for that, they are known for how they play smart defense and their offensive contributions, a big defense isn't needed.

That said however, if you don't have that much of a physically imposing defense, your forwards better be able to do it. Right now we do not have the players to do that. We have some prospects who can do it just fine in about 2 years, but right now not really haha.

I'm starting to see the leafs not built to compete yet next year but starting in the 2013-2014 season, watch out. By that time some unneeded players are off the books, some possible UFA signings and our prospects will be looking to come into the NHL. I hope we make the playoffs next year but I'm starting to see us more looking towards the the following season to start competing strongly.

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