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07-12-2012, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
Kaberle was an elite offensive D-man at that point in his career at 29yo (near the age of Spezza and near the impact of Karlsson). He could have been a significant piece of a competently rebuilt team.
Seriously comparing Kaberle to Karlsson? At no point was Kaberle ever having the same kind of impact on his team that Karlsson has on this one. It's not close. He was a good offensive defenseman, but seriously.

The only thing that Craig Anderson had on Vesa Toskala when he was acquired was one good season as Colorado's starter. A lot of hockey people thought that Toskala was another gem drafted by Strelow with >= stats at every level as Vezina winner Kipprusoff. Toskala had a lot of value back then and a lot was expected of him.
Anderson has had great numbers in the NHL pretty much every year outside of a small stint in Colorado the year before last where there were a lot of off-ice issues, and he's a proven playoff performer (call it a small sample size if you want.) As soon as he came to Ottawa he regained his form. Toskala was bad in all of his large sample sizes. I don't see how it's comparable at all. I don't care about expectations -- I can see this team for what it was last year versus what Toronto had to build on. They're not comparable.

They didn't have a 21yo franchise player. The careers of some of those players fizzled after that. But a number of those comparable players were just as young at that point and a heck of a lot more proven.
I don't see how they were more proven than a career PPG player (Spezza), a player that has put up multiple 50+ point seasons (Michalek) and a Norris winner (Karlsson.) You can call Michalek and Spezza veterans but they are still a couple years or more away from 30 and Karlsson is, well, Karlsson. Cowen and Methot are also both pretty proven while Silfverberg and Turris come with pedigrees that none of the Leafs' players had, and Turris gave a huge glimpse this year as to why so much was expected of him.

Ottawa's no where near ready to contend for anything. Shortsighted moves that hurt the future for the present would undo this rebuild and leave us headed towards the constant bubble team purgatory that those teams face every year.
Just like Ottawa was nowhere near ready to make the playoffs last year, too? Give me a break. Ottawa was underestimated and thought to be further back in their rebuild because of one really bad year that just had the perfect storm of events to make them look a lot worse than they were. Combine that with young players stepping up, acquiring a reliable goalie, and veterans bouncing back from pretty much career worst years and you get a team that makes the playoffs on the strength of it's youth combined with experience.

We already have a ton of prospects coming up and we can afford to move a few. Giving one or two prospects away is not selling our future when we're as stocked up as we are.

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