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04-18-2006, 11:15 PM
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I find that with sticks, the longer the stick, the heavier the shot and less ball control. In our league, the defensman use giant sticks since they are the ones most likely to get off their shot.

It is possible to get off a running slapshot, and it is quite effective, since it catches defensmen/opposing forwards off guard. I developed one accidentally by hitting tennis balls to my dog. The stupid dog would run before I hit the ball, so I would be in a hurry to shoot the moving ball before my dumb dog was out of range and off into another yard. Try putting the ball out in front of you by about 5 or 6 feet then running to it hitting it across your body. For example, If you are running at the ball, try hitting it 90 degrees to your left (or right, if you are a lefty). The motion of running actually (at least for me) coincides with the motion of hitting the ball. I actually am more accurate this way than from a standing position, which tells you how inaccurate my regular slapshot is.

The moving slapshot is nice too, because if you are down low in a corner and the forward is covering the point, you can push the ball out as you roll away from your defensman toward the slot and get off a nice shot.

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