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Originally Posted by Champions of Nothing View Post
Huge difference between Raymond/Malhotra/Ballard/Rome/Bieksa.

Getting rid of them would have meant not re-signing them. Trading them would yield very little return. If Gillis wanted to move Schneider, the return would be very substantial, arguably more than that of the return for Luongo.

It's easy to keep the guys above. If he didn't think Schneider could be a starting goalie for the Canucks, he would have moved him by now, or at least we'd here a lot more rumors about him being shopped.
Keeping Schneider until now isn't a question of whether or not he's a starter, but whether or not he can prove himself as one. Gillis will probably bring the 2 in and let them compete one last time. I'm sure he believes Schneider can be the #1 but he isn't proven and Gillis would be stupid to take that kind of a risk.

Gillis is patient. Trading Luongo now would yield little return, so we might as well be letting him walk. He's in a similar situation as those guys, except his "bad play" is over 3 games.

My point is, Schneider still hasn't locked down the #1 job and theres still a chance that Schneider is dealt instead of Luongo. Gillis doesn't publicize most of his moves.

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