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Originally Posted by Champions of Nothing View Post
Huge difference between Raymond/Malhotra/Ballard/Rome/Bieksa.

Getting rid of them would have meant not re-signing them. Trading them would yield very little return. If Gillis wanted to move Schneider, the return would be very substantial, arguably more than that of the return for Luongo.

It's easy to keep the guys above. If he didn't think Schneider could be a starting goalie for the Canucks, he would have moved him by now, or at least we'd here a lot more rumors about him being shopped.
My cousin's lap dog has more trade value than Luongo, let alone Schneider. At least the terrier doesn't have a 5.3 cap hit for another 10 years. That contract is an albatross, and people thinking these athletes are just going to bow out gracefully when they get to the fake years of these contracts are in for a rude awakening.

The only kinds of teams that will even accept this contract are bad ones desperate to make any move, and even then, the return will be underwhelming. So just be happy someone will take the guy off your hands already before he DiPietro's you.

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