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07-12-2012, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by PaperworkNinja View Post
My only complaint about last night's session? The 7th-grader who's been playing since he was 4 (who comes to the adult learn-to-play sessions to get more ice time) who thinks every goal should be celebrated. Congrats, kid. You scored an empty-netter on people who are pushing 40 with bad knees, bad ankles and smoking habits who have been playing for twelve weeks. Now get off the ice, it's been 15 minutes. Give one of the old people a shot.

I'm about to hip-check the little twerp into next week if he shows up and pulls his brand of shenanigans again. And in conclusion, get off my lawn.
I'd have nothing wrong with a kid coming to an adult session so long as he acted like an adult.

Honestly, I'd pull him aside and let him know that coming to adult sessions means you act like an adult.

If it doesn't work, I'm sure his parents are there, talk to them.

If they can't be reasoned with also (I know, hockey parents that don't see why their future NHL star can't act like this is a ridiculous notion that would never ever happen ) the talk to someone at the rink.

I'm usually for throwing the body every once in a while, but it could get real dark real quick with a kid involved, methinks.

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