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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
and in most cases that fixes nothing.

If you want Ruff fired because you don't think he can win a Cup. So be it. But he has shown an ability to win with two different groups of players or different teams if you will. But he can't draw blood from a stone.

He's had roughly 4 "teams" since he's been here.

1) The Hasek era teams were his first 4 seasons

-made playoffs all 4 years
-past 1st round 3x
-conference Finals 2x
-Cup Finals 1x

2) The transition teams in the 3 years leading to the lockout.

-We missed the playoffs in these seasons while the Hasek era team was dismantled and the early pieces of the post lockout team were being acquired. Its also part of the bankruptcy the team dealt with and the NHL running the team.

3) Then we had the post lockout team. Sadly this group was only together for 2 years.

-went to the conference Finals both years.

4) Then we have the post co-captains debacle teams. (the last 5 seasons)

-missed playoffs 3 of those 5 years
-knocked out in 1st round both years we made it.

The two times he struggled to have success was due to personel moves that weakened the team that he had no control over
I'm not saying I think Ruff is a bad coach, he's done well with the teams that he's been given. It's unquestionable that he has been around for far too long though. There needs to be a new message and a new voice in the locker room.

I think he's a good coach. I do question some of the things he does, but there's a reason he's a HC and I'm a fan.

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