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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
I think he doesn't play Vanek enough,
He gets roughly the same amount of ES + PP ice time as the other top 6 forwards.

And again this year, like last year, his ice time dropped later in the year due to being banged up with injuries. Never understood the obssession some have with Vanek's ice time. He's an average skater and not a great defensive player. Why should he be getting much more ice time than he does?
overworks one goalie for long stretches without real foresight and commitment to a schedule,
Look around the league. Most teams battling to make the playoffs do the same thing. Most teams with goalies like Miller will ride them, even if they're not battling to get in. The Kings did it this year with Quick because most coaches/teams feel once you get in, anything can happen. So you do what you can to get in.

This is a criticism thats been long devoid of league context. What Ruff does with Miller is not the exception.

gifts ice time to players who don't deserve it
Like who?

preaches a physical restraint that only emphasizes the team's lack of size and aggression,
That appears to be changing.
disrupts team chemistry by constantly dismantling the lines
This is a myth that needs to die. When the team struggles he rightfully switches them up. He doesn't arbitrarily break up successful lines.

puts slumping players too often on fourth lines where they neither have the chance to succeed nor provide the energy you need from fourth liners,
Thats on the player to bounce back. Didn't you just ***** earlier about gifting ice time to players? Now you arguing slumping players shouldn't be demoted? Well which is it?

can't coach a power play for the life of him, and probably (judging by player comments)
When we've had success in the playoffs he got the PP going. I'm not too concerned with our PP prowess in the regular season. Post lockout Cup champs PP rankings; 17th, 3rd, 3rd, 20th, 16th, 20th and 17th. Its hardly an indicator of playoff success.

has inspired some recalcitrance within the locker room from his players in recent years.
Even if true, those players are gone. But I do love that the very players you and others accuse of being the types of players you can't win with. Then turn around and go after Lindy for not winning with those very players.

His system seems neither particularly brilliant nor particularly futile - its most distinguishing feature is activating the D a lot, which has its benefits and detriments. Our D is fairly mobile and offensively competent, so that's fine.
Why are you trying to lump the various ways he has approached things as one overarching system. He has not played it one way in his entire tenure as coach.

He has generally tried to find what works best with what he has. Thats been evrything from a trap with a checking line to an aggressive attacking offensive system. Either you don't know this or don't care. EIther way its foolsih to say there is one system he uses or even one way to sue the various approaches he has tried.

But for all of the above reasons, I'd rather see him let go and see if new blood can't get better results. I kind of see his tenure as reaching the point where it's like the quote "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
They reached a point where they decided to change the core of this team. Ruff has proven he can win if given enough talent. I can't think of too many coaches that win without it.

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