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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
What's the point of having a cage without a chin cup? What's going to absorb a blow to the cage?
gotta give big Kudos to my Helmet Cage combo...
I got clocked pretty hard on Monday Nite pickup and prolly woulda had a dislocated jaw if not for the helmet/cage.
I was movin up the right bds in pursuit of a loose biscuit and an opposing player cut over from the other side. I wasn;t thinking he was gonna hit me, but he did. He caught me with his shoulder pad at the side on the head, just at jaw line. Woulda caught my jaw from the side for sure, as the first point of contact. As it was the cage and Helmet/padding took most of the force and my head got spun a bit. I went down, saw some stars and planets, took a rest for a bit then slowly shook out the cobwebs.
Guy was a bigger, young noob (30ish 200+ lber), and was just shakey when he moved with speed. I was leaned forward and stretched, and reachin a bit - so not in the best position to get hit anyway.
He was real apologetic, and I absolved him of guilt. I think he was out of control before getting to me. I coulda been pissed, but he scared himself more than iff'n I had torn him a new one... He was much better controlled the rest of the session.
AS of today, my neck is still sore - but all ended OK.

For future, I will roll with more 'prep' when I sense Big Noobs in my space...
Anyway, the Chincup helped a lot. I keep mine tight enough to touch but not enough to restrict jaw movement - seems right after all the analysis.

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