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Was a defenseman back in junior days - like 18 years ago. Our team had a ton of injuries so we had to call up some players to fill in spots.
Well on way to rink those players got in an car accident (no injuries). They called a tow truck and were going to be showing up late. Our team had no injuries with D-men, so coach decided to put me (stone hands) up front on wing.
It was long running joke on our team that unless it was a slap shot from point, I had never scored a there was no way I'd ever score a goal in close with my skills.

For a joke I stated I would score 5 goals that game, just to have some fun with the guys.

Anyway the coach heard me and put me on starting line.

Well 1st shift, guy goes behind net, and passes out to me, and woohoo...#1

2nd shift, D-men shot from point, and deflects off my helmet, as I had just been hit from behind, in front of net, D-man trying to clear me. woohoo #2

3rd shift, for some unknown reason I was wandering out near the red line with the puck in our end. (Probabaly due to fact I was soo bloody tired from 1st 2 shifts).
I got a sweet outlet pass onto my stick and I had a clear break away...came in got close, shot...rebound right back into my shin pads and the puck went in oh ya #3.

So by this time, the fans are screaming, the guys on bench are rolling on ground laughing, and...did I mention the coach made me a bet of $100 I wouldn't even get a hat trick....winner winner chicken dinner.

So 1st period ends, and in dressing room, I'm getting high 5's, and pats on back, and an IOU from my coach..lmao

Replacement guys show up for rest of game and I went back to playing D...which I am much better suited for. I did get 1 more point (assist) in the game but, never got my 5 goals.
For that 1st period, I was a God among men (or so I tell my son now). It was best feeling I have even had..with exception to my son being born. (which I also tell my son!!

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