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07-12-2012, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
This is a good way to look at it if its from the player's perspective, but think of it in terms of the coach or the team. How much do you shift your lineup around just so that a rookie can better succeed? Remember every 'opportunity' you give him with Plekanec, on the PP, etc. is a spot taken away from someone else. If/when he gets that opportunity, he has to show what he's capable of, or risk losing that spot to a veteran, or another rookie that will get his shot.

In my mind, a rookie/young player should be thrilled to be dressed at all and do whatever he can to help the team, which doesn't always mean putting up points. Last year Palushaj was starting to come on at the end of the season, and it wasn't because he was scoring tons of goals. He was on the lower lines, and contributing some hard work, good tough shifts, and not getting scored against too often. I take that as success.
Well, that all depends on how this organization wants to operate.
Right now we have Eller playing with Moen and one of Armstrong/Prust. Do I really care if Prust/Armstrong are both dropped to the 4th line in order to make room for Palushaj? Absolutely not.
If both Leblanc and Palushaj both do a good job in camp, I have no problem at all with dropping Moen as well on the 4th, scratching Armstrong and making both youngsters play next to Eller.

Do you want your kids to develop? Or do you want them to have some seemingly slow progress, get little opportunities to prove themselves, give their spots to established grinders, eventually move them away to see them flourish on their new team? Like it has happened so many times now.

As for the PP, Palushaj doesn't have to get ice time on it right away. But if our PP fails, like it did last year, then I don't see why he shouldn't get a shot on it, especially if he's playing well on the 3rd. We were absolutely garbage last year and RC wasted an opportunity to try new things with our line up. He stuck with the same damn lines, made pure pluggers play on the 2nd line, and barely changed a thing with a poor PP. Wasted opportunity.

Palushaj, as you said, finish the year looking somewhat decent. As decent as he could look playing with the quality of linemates and amount of ice time he had.
So, if ever he gets a chance to play on the Habs again this year, using him as a 4th line plug is absolutely useless. If he doesn't become a top 6 or 9 player in the NHL, he will have a career in the minors. Start him off as a top 9, with favorable match ups and offensive zone starts, give him the chance to produce and build up his confidence at the NHL level. That's what he needs.

A young player should be thrilled, and has to prove himself. But you also have to manage your asset, and if they can't understand that the skilled kid needs to play with other skilled players if you want him to progress, then they can't expect him to develop well.

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