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12-01-2003, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by swinginutter
I'm speechless! I really want, what some of you smoke. I think most of you forgot, there are 28 other teams that could have had Straka for next to nothing, but we got him for basically a 2nd rounder and a 8th/9th rounder. Sometimes I wonder what games you guys watch, and i'm interested to know how I can watch games from Russia? Because the way everyone is crying abot Anshakov, makes it seem like he's the next Kovalchuk. I know most of us can only go off of stats and articles regarding our prospects playing abroad. So, since none of you know how Straka plays, start reading his stats. And this is the NHL, again the NHL, one more time the NHL! The best league in the world! And he's produced in it. We may never see some of our prospects, but some of you like to live in fantasy land.
As far as size, here we go again. Cammy is making most of you haters, eat your words. And he plays with balls something our big players lack. Yes, we're a small team but for some weird reason.......Avery, Sim, Cammy, Lubo, Palffy, (Kanko-in the future) with bigger nads than our big guys, kinda' funny if you ask me.
Chill out, We're not totally against the trade, but we're not jumping up and down like you aparently are. Nobody said Straka isn't a good player,
and yes I'm a bit concerned about having a team where most of the current players are under 6 feet. Fleury, Kemensky(sp) and Bure were all good players and how much good did they do the Rangers? Yes this trade looks good now, but what happens if Straka doesn't produce, gets injured, or Anshankov becomes the next Forsberg? The team is 1st in their division despite the injuries, there's always a SLIGHT possibility that a shake-up can do more bad then good. The trade is probably in our favour, but unlike you, me and KPD and whoever else voted no, aren't jumping to conclusions yet.Forthe record, I've always supported Cammy. So if I were you, I wouldn't be worried about what we're smoking and start upping your own dossage(sp), before you read my post and spaz out again.If there was a neutral slot to this poll, I would've voted for it.

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