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Originally Posted by kurt View Post
Any tiny mistake and Anderson finishes. Chael is the better wrestler, so I do agree that if he fought a 100% perfect fight he could win a decision. But I'd say the same about Dan Henderson. That doesn't mean either of those guys are better fighters than Silva though. It just means they're better wrestlers and they would score better if they managed to avoid strikes perfectly on the feet, and avoid submissions perfectly from the ground.

But you could just as soon say that if Anderson fought a perfect fight he wouldn't get taken down and he'd get a knockout every time. I don't know what importance hypothetical "perfects" really have.
Yeah, you have pretty good points there. I didn't really mean to say Chael's a better fighter but moreso that Anderson didn't prove anything new to me. I've always believed that if Anderson walked around 10-15lbs heavier and fought at LHW he wouldn't be considered as legendary of a fighter as he'd have at least a couple losses in the last 6 years. He's always fought in the weakest division in MMA where there's very few good wrestlers who aren't one-dimensional. As it stands right now, he's one of the greatest of all-time and maybe even the GOAT (not for me) but had he fought at a weight class higher (that he can easily make) things would be different.

I am. Watch the presser again. Sonnen's face was left swollen and cut up. Aside from Silva's apparent chest injury when his hand was raised, he looked virtually untouched. I know the volume of strikes was significant, but the damage of those strikes?
I know Sonnen was beat up a fair bit but I find it hard to believe that Anderson's face/head weren't extremely tender the next morning. I've seen guys look not too bad at the press conference but then saw of what they looked like the next day and it's a whole different story.

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