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07-12-2012, 04:57 PM
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At the deadline I didn't think Nash would be traded because they wanted more than everyone was offering and it would be too difficult to fill any holes made by getting him (since they wanted 2-3 roster players and 2-3 prospects/picks). Now during the offseason I get the feeling that while some team might be willing to pay up, he's thumbing it down because he still wants more and you still can't fill the holes you make trading for Nash. It's like from Pickers when someone asks for an outrageous price because what they're trying to say is "I don't want to part with that" by asking more than the piece is actually worth.

It feels that any trade that has Nash should have a conditional pick based on his point production.

Something has to change, you either have to ask less for Nash such as a team that can take on a lot of salary and are willing to give up mostly futures (2 prospects and 2 picks over roster players) - and then Nash might not want to play for them - or you hold onto him and you keep trying to build around him - which has failed.

So in the long and short of things, when it comes down to it, Nash is unmovable: (1) there is a chance he won't want to play for the team you trade him to, (2) no one wants to take his salary, (3) there is too much of a risk of failure to mesh with the new team, or (4) you want too much for him and no one will give you want you want.

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