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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
- Vanek was 4th in total ice time among forwards not 12th. The 3 that got more ice time only got it due to PKing. As for vanek not PKing its a non-issue. We have better PKers and he doesn't need to do it. Btw why on earth would you lump in dmen to rank his ice time?

Well, Vanek was 8th among Sabres forwards in even strength TOI per game last year. Check the numbers. Furthermore, let's look at the league-wide picture. Vanek, among forwards, was tied for 49th in scoring. He was 143rd in ice time among forwards. I just think it's plainly an imbalance, that most coaches would rely more on their most potent offensive weapon.

- I'm not a huge fan of Miller playing a ton either but its not unusual. Hopefully with less back to backs its not a problem.

- I don't even know what the hell your point is with Connolly and Hecht. Was Connoly supposed to be held out of games because the other team was physical? Or get less ice time? Thats just a bizarre opinion. As for Hecht you're just plain wrong. He was one of the BEST players at controlling the puck down low and create offensive zone time.

Well, yeah, I would expect when a player struggles as badly as Connolly that he would get less ice time. How is that bizarre?

-So you're mad that Boyes was bad this year and are tryiong to blame Ruff for it. Boyes did gradually move down the depth chart until he was on the 4th line. Not really sure what else was supposed to be done.

I just said what I thought should be done. I'm not saying Boyes wasn't also to blame, but I expect a coach to try and get the best out of players, not just punish them.

-My point about the PP is regular season success is not a gauge of playoff success. In the playoffs its a match up against a specific team and their PK unit. Ruff has had success in the past in those playoff situations breaking down a specific PK unit.

How recently?

-They were not Cup contenders this past season. They were picked as a playoff team and missed the playoffs.

They were quite a few prognosticators at the beginning of last year who would've disagreed.


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