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Originally Posted by moltenlava26 View Post
You know it's a slow offseason when people are arguing about the Sabres medical staff. What's next? Sabretooth? Ice resurfacing? Butter to popcorn ratios?
The butter to popcorn ratios are nothing to joke about.

First, lets get something out of the way good popcorn consists of popcorn, butter, and salt. You ignoring Salt alltogether is obviously an attempt to only mention the facts that support your viewpoint.

The thing about butter is that it contains a lot of water (up to 16% I believe). You want to clarify it and only use the fat portion, without the solids and water.

You also need to add chemicals to make it smell better and make the experience complete. If the popcorn isn't any good then fans will get unhappy. If the fans aren't in a good mood and they don't cheer as hard.

If the fans don't cheer as hard then the other team can hear Lindy Ruff making line changes every 6.7 seconds.

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