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07-12-2012, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
It's not about heavyweights, middleweights or welterweights. It's about the brand of hockey team plays. The fact that Sestito and Shelley played, combined, only 44 games shows you how much they "appreciate" what they bring. Also, Rinaldo, Hartnell and Simmonds are no tough guys whatsoever, they're more like Tootoo (Hartnell and Simmonds are way more skilled though). Pick their spots and also dive. Further more, remember when Rinaldo was completely erased by Beauchemin in the neutral zone? How did he (or Flyers for that matter) respond? With nothing (even later in the game). Those are not hallmarks of tough guys.

Flyers are highly skilled team which plays high pace game and are an average team, at best, regarding toughness.
Just... no.

Shelley sucks. That's irrelevant. But Sestito had earned a spot until his injury last year. And you're seriously comparing Hartnell and Simmonds to Tootoo? Simmonds is an excellent fighter on top of being a solid two-way, second-line winger. Hartnell's a top-six winger that also plays with a nasty edge and will get into a fight every now and then. Rinaldo... huh. That ****er is a little freight train. Not only does he demolish people, but he doesn't back down in a fight. I'd kill to have one of Rinaldo or Sestito on our team. Just one of them would be a really big addition to our fourth line.

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