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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Last place finishes trump vegetarianism every single time.

agreed, my dislike of his work starts not with his eating habits, that never put us in last place. To anyone here trying to defend him and not listen to Hal Gill or Spacek, then there willfully being not smart.Now if Hal and Jaro said what they did on record, imagine the offrecord what was said , and imagine how many current players still on the roster,would back them up ...

Gauthier set nothing up in Montreal,it's not hard to finish last, anyone one here can manage the Montreal Canadiens and finish last, and i ARGUE that there are posters here that COULD DO BETTER than guide the Habs to last place.

Eric Cole GREW UP a Montreal Canadiens fan , so at 32 yrs old and UFA, how hard is it if he wants to come here to sign him?The GM could have been named Fred Flintstone , Cole was coming .

The LA media back in 2002 was saying same things about him as we are today in 2012....

What the Hawks need to be careful is he got his foot in the door in Montreal as a scout/ low rung position , which was no big deal at the time, like he just did in Chicago......

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