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07-13-2012, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by CTU2fan View Post
I don't mean to single you out with this, but I see Read's name tossed around in proposals like he's nothing, and statements about how we could offer Read+ for X but "obviously team Y would and should want more than Read" and I just don't get it. Matt Read in one season has proven he's a 20+ goal scorer with speed. That has value. Not to mention he is dirt cheap. Unless you've got reason to believe that Read is a complete fluke and won't surpass say 15 goals ever again then you're crazy if you trade a guy who will produce what he does, at what he's making, for the "privilege" of paying an Iginla or even a Nash or Ryan for say the extra ~10 goals they'll give you. Say you make a deal for Nash, everybody draws the line at Couts and Schenn, so say it's Read and 2 1sts (which Columbus probably rejects)...say you get 40 goals from Nash, are you really ok with paying 2 1sts plus an extra $7M a year for those extra 15 goals?

I'm not sure what the deal is with under-valuing Matt Read. Maybe because he's an undrafted FA, or because he got a late start, or because of his perceived low ceiling...but if you're the Flyers you're not interested in wht his potential is or what kind of prospect he is; he's entering his prime and helping you right now. If this is as good as he gets you've already come out way ahead.
He was a 25 year old rookie, which diminishes his value, and he was a rookie FA signing out of college, which dimishes his value to the fans. ie: He wasn't a top 5 draft pick or traded for the faces of the franchise = he's movable. I don't disagree. I don't think anyone is undervaluing Matt Read. I think we have his value right where it should be for our young forwards:

Giroux > Couturier > Schenn > Voracek > Simmonds > Read > Laughton > Cousins (IMO)

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