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Originally Posted by Jeremy2020 View Post
The butter to popcorn ratios are nothing to joke about.

First, lets get something out of the way good popcorn consists of popcorn, butter, and salt. You ignoring Salt alltogether is obviously an attempt to only mention the facts that support your viewpoint.

The thing about butter is that it contains a lot of water (up to 16% I believe). You want to clarify it and only use the fat portion, without the solids and water.

You also need to add chemicals to make it smell better and make the experience complete. If the popcorn isn't any good then fans will get unhappy. If the fans aren't in a good mood and they don't cheer as hard.

If the fans don't cheer as hard then the other team can hear Lindy Ruff making line changes every 6.7 seconds.
Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
What you've conveniently failed to bring up is that not only is natural popcorn (ie no liberal chemical additives) better tasting, its HEALTHIER, and if it's HEALTHIER the fans will have more stamina to cheer throughout the game, meaning that Bucky Gleason will be more likely to write a positive article the next day, rather than a negative one, in which case he must continue to bring up briere and Drury every second paragraph. But since you're obviously so BLINDED by your anti-Ruff-Regier AGENDA, you don't even bring up that point, since you plainly have been suckling at the teat of bucky's trash pseudo journalism for the last five years to get your opinions and don't even watch the games (this is the only rational presumption anyone could make from the facts as you've laid them out).

But go ahead, keep on ignoring facts when its inconvenient for you. Keep that popcorn agenda rolling, troll.
Originally Posted by moltenlava26 View Post
Well I worked as a popcorn engineer for many years but I won't give you my expert opinion as you have both hit on numerous valid points but may I add popcorn to butter ratio gets misdiagnosed frequently. There are symptoms associated. It truly makes me sick that year after year, this has not been rectified. I assumed bankruptcy was the true cause of this atrocity but even with a multi billionaire at the helm, this continues to haunt us fans.
Popcorn is bread which due to physics slows down the body's ability to cheer.
A recent Swedish study found any consumption over a small bag with a poor or inconsistent amount of butter actually slows down lets go buffalo chants.
It is not the fan but the physics of popcorn that haunts our franchise. May god have mercy on our souls.
Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
There's also the matter of even butter spread. The butter must be evenly mixed with the popcorn...if some of the popcorn are too buttery but other kernels are devoid of butter flavor, then the overall effect of the popcorn is diminished.

That's some good writing right there

Comedy relief is needed sometimes... Well done guys

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