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12-01-2003, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by RE-HABS

Ward can be an effective 3rd liner, I can't see him being anything more, sorry.
I guess I'd want to see Ward on one of the top lines for 20 games or so before I'd be willing to concede that point. Insofar as I'm aware, we haven't seen that yet. Hence, we're both making some pretty fundamental assumptions (me one way and you the other) without either of us having had the joy of being proved right or wrong. I'd at least like to see ONE of us proved right or wrong on this point.

As for the possibility of Ward being injury prone, I'm afraid, based on events to date, that you may be right. Like you, I hope we're BOTH wrong on that score, because I think this guy could be an important cog in the final machinery, although we're a long way from the final product yet.

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