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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Sneezes? He dislocated a kneecap. Hardly a sneeze.

Hard decisions? Like when Gordie Clark took Kudroc, Mezei and Rupp all similar projects that he never learned from. The biggest problem with management I've ever had and always will point out when they are guilty is making the same mistakes that got them in trouble in the past.

Also Bob, you spent time in management and I hold you in high regard around here, but your most obvious fault is constantly defending management cause you've 'been there'. I respect that fact immensely, but you let personal feelings get in the way of usually very unbiased opinions.

At least you are not as bad as the others : "He'll be fine, its only July, he wasnt making the team anyway, we knew he'd take a longtime anyway, he has the best team of physicians working for him, he'll be ready for a midseason callup" crowd who would never say these things if it were Christian Thomas ! But McI being the absolute certain Beukeboom in waiting gets a pass. Nothing near negative just 'oh well, he'll be fine, he's the undertaker'.

Not even one camp in entering his first full Pro season and he goes down with an unusual injury, one that was attained after a pro-active action on McI's part. He wasn't just standing there stationary. He went out and played his game against amateurs and he was hurt.

What happens now? Total health throughout his pro career? I don't think anyone in their right mind thinks he'll avoid injury, injuries happen to almost everyone, Dmen especially. But I look at the size, the decision making and I think Brendan Witt. A guy way more comparable in terms of recent Dmen. He was tough as hell and was a solid scrapper. Played one full season in his 14 year career, only played 5 seasons where he missed 15 games or less.

Maybe this injury is just a fluke and he stays healthy. Certainly possible. I've seen this type of player before, on my own teams in my amateur days. Great devastating hitters but can't healthy cause the way they play is reckless in regards to even their own safety.
Woah, overeaction much?

The guy has played over 70 games each of the last 3 years including handfuls of playoff games. This talk about how he could be so injury prone, and how we shouldnt write it off is very pre mature.

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