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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
Trading a guy like Diaz or Emelin is a mistake. They have upside and could be good players if given a chance (and if that's not who you were talking about, then I have no idea).

What's the point of bringing vets that won't stick around anyway? We're pretty much "in transition" right now. My guess is that Bergevin takes the time to see what some of the young guys can do before he makes any rash moves.
I never said to trade Emelin who is believe is a top 4 defensman. Looking at Diaz, Kaberle, Weber, St. Denis etc, there isn't anyone here other than maybe Kaberle (yes he can be useful) who can step in and replace the guy ahead of him and do a better job now or in the future. When you talk about depth on a team you're talking about guys who can fit into the top 4 and be useful players and there isn't much of a drop off in talent. As it is now IMO, there's a huge drop off in talent after Markov, PK, Gorges and Emelin.

As for Diaz, he and Weber are very similar type players so why have both? We have Kaberle, PK and Markov as our our offensive defenders. Where do Diaz and Weber fit on this team. What do they bring that's so compelling that another type of defensman cant bring. I'd rather trade one or a combo of them for a shut down defensman who can battle and clear the front of the net. I think that's a bigger need than anything Weber or Diaz has to offer for the Habs. Can they be good players for another team, yes, but neither is as useful to Montreal IMHO.

Originally Posted by Paul Dipietro View Post
When I hear that expression I keep thinking about Rivet/Sopel/Mara and die a bit each time

I'll take a young guy who could improve each game (a la Diaz/Weber/Emelin) over the proverbial "solid" defenseman every time. Especially when you know they'll play on the bottom-pair
I wasn't talking about those types of players but rather younger players who can eventually be a top 4 player but don't have the time or the experience for the role right now. Someone who as I said above can fill in a pinch but isn't relied on for the bulk of the work. There are a lot of good serviceable defensmen around the league who can do that who aren't Sopel, Mara, etc. Franson is a guy who I'd go after. Top 4 guy in Nashville but injuries held him back in Toronto, Hjarmalsson, Carle, Allen etc etc. guys who can fill out the bottom pairing but aren't going to be a liability.

So again, I think we have quantity but not much quality, yet. That can easily change with a trade and signing or two.

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