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Originally Posted by Puck and Gavel View Post
I spoke to the author of that article and he pointed me to his reasoning behind it. By the letter of the law... maybe he might be denied entry into Canada. Certainly it appears to be against the spirit of the law. Basically, there is a provision that states a traveler might be denied access into Canada if they are suspected of criminality. Also in Canada, defamatory libel is a crime. But the crime mentioned in connection with the suspicion of criminality is "importation of narcotics." I find it hard to believe that defamatory libel would be treated the same way as that. I'm actually reaching out to the Canada Border Services Agency to get clarification. I'll have more on it on my blog tomorrow.
Thanks for the updates, really appreciate the insight/information you bring.

One would think that CBSA would not enforce this due to the severity (lack of) and allow entry. But if there is business dealings he would like to do in the future, one would think that would be a consideration. I would also have to think that U of M has Canadian alumni living in Canada that read the Daily, wonder how that would work out in the long run. If they were subscribers (I assume the Daily print is not free) would that not constitute business in Canada?

On a side note, I wonder how Jacob feels about all this. From what I understand he was wanting to go to Michigan for a long time now, so he probably just lets it roll off his back. Pending on how this goes and if it was me, I might be tempted to go someone else other than Michigan and Kitchener just to get away from it. Maybe North Dakota if they had a good kinesiology program. But thats just me, dont like conflict too much.

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