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07-13-2012, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by SphinX View Post
I live in Norway.. So for me it may be the cheapest solution.
If i start with buying a blank one, then have to ship it all the way from norway to get the lettering and numbers done, then shipping it back... well... its gonna cost.

I was more sort of wondering if the dealer was legit?

Is the shirt, name and numbers the REAL DEAL?.. (Not real authentic ofc, but real "Premier"?)

The worst scenaria is too end up with "haulat" kinda looking thing... and i really dont want that..
I got stuck with a Haulat.... :'(

Hard to say whenever you are buying off of ebay or any of those online sites. I've learned to only trust sites with the official merch and paying $120 for the jersey. These fake jerseys even have the proper tags on them so in photos they could look identical to the real thing until you get it in the mail. Basically it's buyer beware.

Some fakes I've gotten look amazing though (I got a Mike Green caps jersey that looks perfect!)...but I don't like taking the risk anymore.

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