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07-13-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by keslerburrows View Post
You can tell you know your wrong when you branch off into a whole new argument. Your first point is not relevant because it doesn't really matter whether he was wing or centre, either way management thought he was a better option then Ebbett. Your 2nd point is false. Hodgson was 2C until Kesler came back, then he was on Keslers wing, then he was the 3C for the remainder of his tenure in Vancouver. 3rd point doesn't matter because it would never get to the point where Higgins would have to be converted to C because Schroeder or Lapierre would have already locked up the spot. Not really sure what your trying to say in the 4rth point, doesn't matter. And yeah the 5th point is where I am reminded you are a HF rookie.

Good night.
You have to be kidding me. How is the first point irreleveant when we're talking about playing centre? There was opportunity early in the season to use Lappy on the 2nd line Centre and AV didn't because he doesn't trust him to be that guy. He was comfortable with him on the wing only in a top 6 role. My 2nd pt is not false. I never said Ebbet started at 2nd C. I said there were occasions when he played his way in game into that spot.

And finally the 5th point doesn't show I'm a HF rookie. It shows that you have absolutley no understanding of what a role player/grinder is supposed to do. If you think Dale Weise is a player that's more usefull that Ebbet, well there's no helping you.


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