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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Question for you.

Without a doubt, Columbus was burned by the league's anti-evading stance that existed until mid-July of 2009. So were several other teams, who re-signed their own players to contracts at massive cap hits because of the threat/fear of unknown punishment for cap evasion.

If a new CBA adjusts the way that a player's cap hit is calculated, and it serves to completely shift the market to put Nash in company with many others rather than being in this rare air, wouldn't it make more sense to wait? If teams are concerned about disproportionate production relative to cap hit, a simple re-write of the formula could dramatically impact his value without anything else changing.

This ( is what I brought up in a CBA-related thread. Something like this isn't outside the realm of possibility. I also didn't bother calculating for everyone, but the examples used demonstrate how much the cap scale could change with a changing of the wording.

To add other contracts in:
Suter and Parise - $7,538,462 to $10.333 mil
Lecavalier - $7,727,273 to $10 mil
Ovechkin - $9,538,462 to $10 mil
Chara - $6,916,667 to $7,833,333
I don't think there is a chance in H*E*Double Hockey Sticks that the new CBA punishes the teams that signed the deals you just mentioned. NONE. You think the league is going to require the Wild to gut their team because of the Parise and Suter's deals? Not a chance.

Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
Who's to say that a team hasn't come along and offered Scott Howson a deal he's approved, only to have Nash tell him he doesn't want to play there?

The list is absolutely relevant. If the six teams on the list know they don't have any competition beyond the other five teams, why come out with an offer that goes above and beyond any of them? What if a team like the Islanders came along and offered us the farm for Rick just to play him alongside John Tavares? Does "the list" not matter then?

Are you arguing that Scott Howson is the dumbest person in the world?

If Nash rejected a trade, you'd hear about it because it would benefit Howson to leak that information. If he didn't, he'd be a total moron.

Until Rick is actually asked and rejects, the list means nothing. It is a fiction.

And, as far as the Islanders go, do you mean to tell me you think the man negotiated an NMC so that he could waive to go to one of the worst teams in the league AFTER they have further gutted their team to get him? At that point, your issue isn't the list, it is that he has a no trade clause in the first place.

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