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04-19-2006, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Beakermania
This is going nowhere.

I tried reason yesterday, it didn't work then. It won't work now.

It the return of DB23. only now its Huet instead of DB23's old whipping boys.

Yeah, and you Sherlock Holmes quote was very good on this purpose.

wildone26's mind is one that would be great to study for psychiatrics...
We're fortunate that he is obsessed with hockey GMs and not blondes or whatever.

If Bob Gainey, Wayne Gretzky or any other GM were to die, I would sure know who to suspect, though.

Thinking Gretzky "offers" spots on Team Canada, or Gainey wants Abby to start to look smart is insane. Both are knowledgable hockey people, that want and know what it takes to win. They can make bad decisions, but they will always take the one that looks the best at a given time. For one, dealing Theo was more a vote of confidence to Huet than anything else. Trying to make the player acquired in the Theo trade useful is logical, especially when that player is good.

Gainey acknowledges his mistakes, and try to repair them. He did it by dealing away Theo for once. He also sat Sundstrom out even more than Julien, despite being the one to offer an unexpected 2-year contract to the Swede, back in 2004.

Finally, it's sad but I will see it as a victory if Huet starts Saturday. Mind you, I was not that glad when he was traded to Montreal, as I also had high hopes for Garon. I didn't wanted to hype him too much, when he was getting the back-to-back shutouts. But now that he's not the flavor of the month anymore, I can stand for the bro'.

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