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07-13-2012, 01:11 PM
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There is no bigger Trotz / DP fan than me. I know Barry personally and have spent enough time around him to know he's honorable.

That said, ASSUMING THEY WERE ONLY 15 MINUTES LATE AND THIS WASN'T A HUGE TREND, Preds Mgmt overreacted and distracted the team at a critical time. I'm reading "The Last Boy" right now. Great bio of Mickey Mantle. The Mick broke rules more often than he struck out. Players have been wild since the beginning of sports. It seems right to punish, but in big money pro sports, its not that simple. Think of what would have happened if they were never suspended, and we won the series because they played well. Our franchise would be in a different place right now. We'll never know if that was possible because we electively fielded an inferior team. This is not The Boy Scouts or Church. If SK is right, a simple "talking to" would have worked. They didn't "let the team down" by being 15 minutes late. What happened surrounding the suspension let the team down. Instead of managing the situation in the best overall manner for the franchise, DP and Trotz seemingly laid down a technical rule violation and then were "forced" to act. It was self-inflicted and could have been handled more discretely without selling out our values.

To be fair, I asked Barry the night he suspended them if he knew of the rule violation prior to Game 2. He said no, and if he did, "there is no way they'd have seen Game 2". He was stern. Certainly left me with the impression these guys did a lot worse then 15 minutes and no drinking.

Our beyond reproach honor code =
1) You violate a rule, regardless of circumstance, severity or timing, you're suspended, and
2) If you indicate to me it's your intention to sign a long term contract, I'll trust you right to the bitter end

has cost us. I'm proud that we have such boy scouts running our ship but I can't help but wonder if we haven't taken it to an extreme.

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