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12-01-2003, 04:19 PM
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Just by way of background for those of you local to DC... I dunno if you can hear WFAN "down there'. But Henrique's comparison of Lee Hamilton to Chris Russo is...

Well Russo knows baseball, hoops and football. But Russo just thinks he knows NHL which is more dangerous than not knowing and knowing that you don't know. "Buffoon" is an apt characterization. So it may mitigate the validity of Hamilton's rumor. I was hoping someone here might have better poop on the rumored deal.

If true, however, I'd be shocked because it would seem to me a much easier "solution" for Washington simply to find a head coach under whom Jagr could flourish than to accept Lundmark and subsidize so much of JJ's remaining contract. I.e., the rumor just doesn't make sense to me given the other options Leonsis could resort to.

Understand that from a Ranger perspective, giving up more than Lundmark for JJ is foolish given the respective bargaining positions, the long term commitment to Jagr and the potential salary cap implications to NYR under the next CBA. So the price of Lundmark does make sense to Ranger fans.

But that doesn't make it "right" for Washington, when there really isn't a gun to Ted's head forcing him to unload Jagr to a conference rival.

Sorry to ramble. Your thoughts.

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