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Originally Posted by pnewsom View Post
I keep hitting the point on my hips when I fall. Seems to take awhile to get over the damage, and reinjury is easy. Aside from improving my pants for protection, is there anything I could learn to avoid this sort of injury?
I started playing late in life, and have been at it for about four years.
I'm assuming when you say 'point' you are meaning the iliac crest or are you meaning the greater trochanter on the upper femur?
I'm tryin to imagine a pointer injury at the crest. Those usually come from hard hip checks to the bds. And hip checks seem to be a lost art these days - much more activity to the upper torso. Otherwise falling down - thats usually the butt bone (coccyx) or sometimes the sitzbones...
If its the trochanter, and the pants are more than just fabric and have padding, it could be that the pants are too big. If they're too big and the pads shift around during a fall, you could be landing directly on the trochanter...
There's a fine line to fit. You want the pant to sit snug on the hip, but with good leg mobility... If they're really loose and floppy at the hip then shifting can happen easily.

Or if the pads are just not placed well for your build...

I'd suggest going to a shop and trying on pants. Bring yours along for comparo. Try on your current size in other brands, and then try on one size down in some. Not that you would buy downsized, but the tighter fit might give you a better idea of the diff. between good pad contact and too loose. Then you can find the right compromise if you do start shoppin...

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