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Originally Posted by Lamar Latrell View Post
What evidence is there that the construction of the Civic Arena was the primary catalyst for the downfall of the Hill District (and the inhabitants living there)? Did the more well-to-do move out and the impoverished move in? Or did most living there stay and become poorer along w/ the neighborhood?

It's implied that b/c the building of the Civic Arena coincided w/ the (anecdotally, not factually, backed) devolution of the Hill District, and the Penguins benefited from it, that the Penguins owe the descendants (and many who are not) of that "injustice" reparations in the form of "community redevelopment" which reeks of dubious efficacy.
Actually the decline of the cities generally was more a cause of the development of the suburbs post world two. You may even be able to blame the invention of the automobile before that. The trip from Penn Hills to Downtown Pittsburgh by horse and buggy was not comfortable or fast, but once the automobile made people mobil, they moved to non-urban settings. The house with the white picket fence. The urban redevelopment of the 60's, which this project was a part of, was part of a nationwide attempt to address this exodus. Build something shiny and people will stay/come back. They all failed to one degree or another because they did not address why people left in the first place. In many cases they made it worse as they took on huge bonds to build things like Allegheny Mall, that stopped no one from leaving, but just raised taxes to pay for. Or made huge projects that were 'improvements' for the poor, but the projects bred crime and other issues that the communities that they destroyed to build these fought by being just that, vibrant communities.

So yeah, putting this on the Pens and acting like they owe someone something is showing a blantant lack of understanding of what went on in society right after WWII and the real mistakes which were made.

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