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So I had a long talk today with some of the doctors I work with. All of us are season ticket holders. One of them went golfing with some of the players recently and another just yesterday saw and talked briefly to Nash's agent Resnick while out to dinner. While we don't really know anything, here is what we agreed upon that makes the most sense. Take it for what it's worth (a little bit of info with a lot of speculation):

Nash was reluctant to be traded around the trade deadline.

There were rumblings about avoiding a rebuild leading up to last year and Nash had made it known that he does not think he could stand a full-on rebuild given the point he was at in his career. This was partly addressed through a number of moves such as acquiring Jeff Carter. Then the entire thing went south and the notion of moving him came up.

Nash made it clear that he wanted to be moved IF Columbus were going to undergo a full rebuild that would take years to complete. Additionally, if he were to be moved from Columbus, he would only play for a few select teams. He presented it as: either I'm in Columbus or I'm with these teams (which we now know are San Jose, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philly, New York, and Boston). This is different from many trade demand scenarios where he isn't willing to go to just any competitive team. He has already turned down Ottawa and Carolina as well as not having teams on his list like Vancouver, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Chicago, Nashville, Washington, and New Jersey.

Then Howson, right after the trade deadline, came out and said the whole thing was a demand made by Nash. Really, Nash's demand was that if the team were to not be competitive for the next coming years, he would only accept being moved to those places. This pissed off Nash. It's also why he is refusing to expand his list. He doesn't want out of Columbus (in fact he is keeping his house here in Upper Arlington). If it benefits the team as well as his own career, he will accept a trade to the places on his list.

Now we'll see what happens. Nash may have cooled off (according to some of his teammates he has) but he remains pretty aloof. I think that nothing will happen until he goes public and makes his stance known. His stance will largely depend on how he feels he was treated in these past few months and how he feels the team is faring. If it does not look like a rebuild is coming (Howson has said "retool") and if he puts Howson's public statement behind him, then it is not unlikely that he will return and actually be the captain. It seems like his teammates don't hold his request against him but is that a good thing? Should they? What about Jack Johnson and Vinny Prospal, the "new" leadership group?

The players around at the time were pretty ambivalent about the way Filatov and Carter both acted recently. Is it a sign of a lack of heart or are they just being professional?

Really the "rebuild" in Columbus doesn't begin until Nash gets moved. From what I've heard, he wants to be here on a competitive team. If that can't happen, he will only accept going to those teams on the list he's provided.

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